Will You Be Penalized In America For A DUI Committed In Canada?

Canada is a popular tourist destination and, as such, many people visit America's friendly northern neighbor. Unfortunately, some people drink too much, drive, and end up getting a DUI in that country. One common question many people have is whether or not a DUI in Canada will affect their driving privileges in America. It doesn't, but there are other legal consequences you may face. Civilian DUI Convictions In general, an American who gets a DUI in Canada will not face administrative or criminal prosecution in the US for the crime.

Save Yourself The Hassle By Avoiding These 3 Mistakes In Your Divorce Case

Divorce can be a messy time in someone's life. If you're heading for divorce, you don't want to make any mistakes that can further complicate things. Before you file for divorce with your attorney, make sure you are avoiding these messy mistakes. Using the children as a bargaining tool. During a divorce proceeding, children are often used as a bargaining tool for their parents. This isn't good for your child or for you.