Save Yourself The Hassle By Avoiding These 3 Mistakes In Your Divorce Case

Divorce can be a messy time in someone's life. If you're heading for divorce, you don't want to make any mistakes that can further complicate things. Before you file for divorce with your attorney, make sure you are avoiding these messy mistakes.

Using the children as a bargaining tool.

During a divorce proceeding, children are often used as a bargaining tool for their parents. This isn't good for your child or for you. After your divorce, your child will be living with either you or your ex-spouse. Using them as a bargaining tool can cause resentment and hurt your custody later on.

Divorce becomes messy when custody battles end in shared custody, especially when visitations are not clearly outlined ahead of times. Children need to be shared in a set way, using whatever is best for them. It is unacceptable to try and take away someone else's right to see their child for your own gain.

Not knowing what debts and assets the other party has.

If you are in a marriage, you should know about all debts and assets the other party has. If you do not know these things, your legal counsel might not either. This can make it more difficult to solve financial issues and get everything you are entitled to.

You can obtain your ex-spouse's financial records; however, you need to discuss these things with an attorney first. This helps you to understand how you can properly get the records. If you are afraid of your spouse or have other issues that need to be dealt with to get these pieces of information, discuss your options with your attorney. 

Not being willing to pay alimony.

Depending upon your own divorce situation, especially your working situation and financial situation, you may not be able to pay alimony. Typically, alimony is paid to an ex-spouse that is unemployed or underemployed, such as a housewife. This is basically a case-by-case situation that highly depends on each party's financial situation and current assets. If the judge orders you to pay the other party, you need to make sure you are doing what you are ordered or it could come back on you down the road.

Filing for divorce is never easy. If you are planning on filing, make sure that you are prepared. This will make your divorce proceedings go a little smoother and make your attorney's job a lot easier.