If Your Ex Breaks Through a Restraining Order

Save Yourself The Hassle By Avoiding These 3 Mistakes In Your Divorce Case

Divorce can be a messy time in someone’s life. If you’re heading for divorce, you don’t want to make any mistakes that can further complicate things. Before you file for divorce with your attorney, make sure you are avoiding these messy mistakes. Using the children as a bargaining tool. During a divorce proceeding, children are […]

How To Find A Long Lost Relative

Despite this being the age of communication, it can still be difficult to find family members who have long ago lost touch with the rest of the family. Whether someone was adopted and wants to reach out to possible siblings when they’re an adult or if an uncle moved away for college years ago and […]

Pros And Cons Of A Prenuptial Agreement

Many couples are choosing to use a prenuptial agreement to help protect each spouse’s individual assets. Here are some of the benefits and downfalls to choosing a prenuptial agreement.   Pros of a Prenuptial Agreement There are many areas where a prenuptial agreement can protect the interests of one or both spouses. Common areas included […]